Urban Mobility and Delivery
Street To Suite™

The Founders of Hurdler Motors invented Climbmobiles ™, reinventing EVs.

We are driven to make radical improvements to help people get around in congested, tight, urbanized spaces where free travel is restricted by infrastructural, architectural, natural and randomly-strewn obstacles and bulky vehicles, and travel times are lengthy, unpredictable and asynchronous with the schedules of city dwellers and commuters.

The company is developing driverless personal-sized electric vehicles for people, robots, and package deliveries. The lightweight, personal-sized vehicles are engineered with the 3D agility of a hurdler to drive across the city, climb stairways and lift vertically upwards to move over outdoor and indoor obstacles that are barriers to other vehicles.

We believe that personal mobility which empowers freedom of movement fulfills a basic desire of the human spirit. We are at work creating a new category of transportation with significant benefits to users.

We also believe that store-to-door package delivery will revolutionize to outpace the present means of transportation.

A very early working demonstration prototype has been tested and succeeded in proving out key capabilities of the concept.

It is too early to reveal all of the features and benefits that the Hurdler ™ will deliver.

In the coming months, we will have a lot to tell you about.

Soon you will be able to experience riding in a Hurdler ™ .


Hurdler Motors, Inc. is an American-based automotive startup company founded in 2015 that is focused on designing, developing and marketing innovative personal mobility, cargo, first responder and robot delivery electric vehicles with unique architecture and revolutionary capabilities utilizing our patented technologies. We are working to design, develop, and create innovative CLIMBMOBILES™.
Hurdler™ is all about innovation in lightweight ultramobile transportation. We strive to be the global leader in agile, 3D moving, autonomous personal mobility and robotic lightweight cargo vehicles.


Flying astronaut on a white background. Some components of this image are provided courtesy of NASA, and have been found at nasaimages.org

To create excellent, reliable, flexible, fun and agile intelligent vehicles for transporting people and robots and for autonomous package delivery everywhere, that move freely indoors and outdoors over obstacles that are barriers to other vehicles. Because everyone is a hurdler ™.


Real-world paths for both personal mobility and delivery vehicles are restricted, congested and strewn with uneven surfaces, slopes, natural, architectural and haphazardly-strewn obstacles and other impediments that are barriers to conventional vehicles. In combination with these impediments, bulky vehicles congest thoroughfares to make for lengthy travel times, high costs and parking hassles. Many people today are abandoning their second cars, but continue to reject public transportation for a host of reasons.

Hurdler™ will provide significant value to our customers, employees and shareholders by building and growing a significant sustainable company that is the world’s leading design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales company of lightweight, versatile 3D-agile, Omni-directional, highly maneuverable, easy-to-park motorized personal mobility and cargo delivery electric vehicles.

Our innovative vehicles will offer capabilities to traverse over and beyond many indoor and outdoor obstacles that conventional vehicles cannot surmount, while maintaining safety, stability and a level comfortable ride on uneven and sloped terrains.

Hurdler™ is concentrating on advancing the capabilities of eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs), an industry where in the last few years tremendous strides have been made in creating autonomous driverless cars and robotic transportation. The Company will focus on autonomous robotic transporters, as well as driver-operated, remote controlled and hybrid control vehicles.


Agile, on call & intelligent personal-sized electric vehicles that come to you and take you where you want to go.