Frequently Asked Questions

At What Stage is the Company?

Hurdler Motors, Inc. is an early stage electric vehicle startup company. It was incorporated in 2015.

Have You Created a Working Prototype?

Based on the design of the founders of Hurdler™, our friends at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo built the early first working prototype employing remote control software to successfully demonstrate its capabilities.

What are the Differences Between Hurdler™ & Other Electric Vehicles?

Hurdler™ vehicles will be designed with advanced capabilities not found in conventional automobiles, motorcycles, vans, motorized three-wheelers, ATVs, wheelchairs, UTVs. It is still too early to go public with all of these features.

Are You Hiring?

That depends. Hurdler™ is an early stage company. It will recruit a team of world class design, engineering, marketing experts with deep expertise and experience in this domain. Hiring will also be dependent on investor financing, development schedules, passion, commitment and significant proven talent.