October 20, 2017:
Boston Globe

Before robots rise, they have to master the stairs

Boston startup Hurdler Motors is working on a robot that can climb stairs
Hurdler Motors, a startup based in the Mass Robotics space, is designing a robotic cart that would help deliver packages to your doorstep. Its robot would ride on a delivery truck, and then dismount to navigate streets and sidewalks while carrying a small load of cargo. The Hurdler device is even designed to climb stairs to get to a front porch or entryway. Initially, it would work alongside a delivery person to carry more stuff than they can with a handcart today; eventually, says Michael Goren, the company’s founder, it would operate on its own.

September 26, 2017:
Hurdler Motors Inc.

Hurdler Motors, Inc. announces that it presented its Hurdler™ lightweight robotic vehicle for urban mobility and last-mile/last-yard to-your-door delivery that drives, walks up and down stairways, self-boards and dismounts trucks, passes over large obstacles and compacts to stow and charge in tight spaces at The Future of Travel and Transportation event in Boston.

August 24, 2017:
Hurdler Motors, Inc. announced today that it has been chosen as a finalist for the University of Washington Urban Freight Lab Tech Day Competition.

The Company will make a presentation about its Hurdler™ agile robotic urban delivery vehicle for first-mile/last-mile/last-yard outdoor and indoor logistics. Hurdler™ drives, walks stairways, climbs truck beds and surmounts large obstacles.
Hurdler™ will stow onboard trucks and vans to seamlessly integrate into logistics and intercity transportation. Deploying from trucks, Hurdler™ will allow trucks and drivers to continue on their routes, thereby reducing dwell time.

With its future autonomous capabilities, Hurdler™ will be available locally to make deliveries when customers demand, including after hours, to reduce the need for expensive redeliveries by trucks and drivers. As a highly maneuverable, lightweight robotic vehicle, Hurdler™ will make deliveries without making additional demands on scarce curb space for parking and unloading.

Additionally, Hurdler™ will surmount outdoor and indoor obstacles that are barriers to conventional vehicles to provide access Street to Suite™ to your door. When it is not delivering, Hurdler™ compacts to stow and charge in a space the length of a bicycle.

April 3, 2017:

Last Mile Delivery Goes to Robotic Mules

“However, it is still unknown if consumers will prefer to leave their doors and walk to the curb to pick up a pizza, especially if it is raining. This proposition would mean a downgrade of the current level of service. A backlash could mean that customers would seek out full-service delivery options, leaving brands that opt for curbside drones behind.

Hurdler Motors of Boston is building a true door-to-door delivery solution using an innovative stair climbing design. According to CEO, Michael Goren, “we’re working on last-mile delivery vehicles and single-passenger autonomous indoor/outdoor robotic vehicles. We’re looking at eliminating the accessibility problems of the central city and human-scale assistance.” Hurdler has yet to release publicly its concept design.”

March 6, 2017:
Hurdler Motors, Inc. Announces that it has been Selected to Make a Presentation about its Hurdler™ Portable Robotic Personal Transportation Vehicle to Autotech Council

Hurdler Motors is pleased to announce that it has been invited to introduce the Hurdler™ urban mobility and access robotic vehicle to members of the Autotech Council. Hurdler is a lightweight 3D-maneuverable and all-direction steering vehicle that will make moving around indoors and outdoors in cities easy and will compact to eliminate parking. The Hurdler™ vehicle is being developed for a single passenger and also for on-demand last mile delivery through-the-door to the actual destination. It will provide personal portability to access the significant indoor and outdoor spaces of cities that are not accessible to conventional motor vehicles.
Driving and parking in large cities is not a great experience. Most of the time people in automobiles and urban transit are not moving faster than walking speed and it is expensive to park or take taxicabs. Automobiles, vans, SUVs and motorcycles are designed to keep their wheels on the ground and constrained to driving on streets. Transportation is a major problem in urban environments, not only because of clogged streets and scarce parking, but also because of ubiquitous infrastructural, architectural, natural and temporary obstacles and vertical multilevel spaces. With the growth of electric vehicles, charging both on-street and in parking lots is a growing concern.

Hurdler™ is being developed to move more people around cities more easily and conveniently, and then compact to a length that is shorter than a bicycle to stow and charge anywhere there is an outlet. The narrow-track lightweight vehicle will feature 3D-maneuverability to climb stairs with a person or cargo onboard, self-board trucks, trains and airplanes and pass over urban obstacles that are barriers to other vehicles. It will also zip through traffic, navigate pedestrian areas, and let people and deliveries ride through the door, street-to-suite™. The Hurdler™ portable personal transportation robotic vehicle will also integrate seamlessly with intermodal/intercity travel.

February 17, 2017:
Robotics Business Review

Hurdler Motors Inc.

Hurdler Motors was among the first Boston startups to set up shop in the new space, according to President Michael Goren. “We’re working on last-mile delivery vehicles and single-passenger autonomous indoor/outdoor robotic vehicles,” he said. “We’re looking at eliminating the accessibility problems of the central city and human-scale assistance.” Goren described the Climbmobile as a legged robot that can provide greater mobility than a wheelchair and can actually carry a person up a flight of stairs.

February 16, 2017:

Initial residents at MassRobotics “alpha” space include...urban mobility startup Hurdler Motors...

January 19, 2017:

Hurdler Motors is pleased to announce that it has joined MassRobotics as a resident startup. MassRobotics is the innovation hub for robotics startup companies, located in the heart of Boston’s Seaport Innovation District.

November 7, 2015:

Hurdler Motors, Inc. Announces that the early first working prototype of the robotic transporter successfully performed the tasks for which it was designed. There was great excitement when the early prototype based upon the inventions and intellectual property of the founders was completed , presented, tested and successfully performed the tasks for which it was built while its operation was controlled using a laptop. Pointedly, the first object to ever hitch a ride during the testing of the early full-scale working prototype was a toy dinosaur! We are grateful to our friends at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for building the first working prototype.